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Geren Lockhart

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the Ron Mueck exhibit at the Fondation Cartier when it was in residence last summer. Ron Mueck was a new artist to me, I didn't know of his painstakingly real in everyway except scale world. Ron is an Australian artist working in London and he produces interesting, engaging, sometimes alarming works. The works tend to be either micro or macro in their scale but the details and the realism are always the same. It's stunning when  you get to the end of the exhibit and you realize that you feel the same reaction and sense of realism with a 10 foot sculpture as you do with on 12 inches high. Photos weren't allowed in the space but if you visit the Fondation Cartier site you can see the entire exhibit and get the chance to view some of the video work by Gautier Deblonde which runs in long form as part of the exhibit. Gautier was installed in Ron's studio for the development of this shows works, and its sometimes painful the pace Ron works at, but it is always interesting. Below is a video of David Lynch giving his interpretations of what the show represents, more similar videos to this by other notable personalities on the site. The impact of this exhibit was greatly heightened through the "gallery" space itself, a gorgeous Jean Nouvel building. The building is a frame of glass that's brutal and delicately balanced to create a cocoon of light for the works. A lovely back lounging space is perfect for stealing a quick espresso and a moment of calm in the middle of Paris. The show has migrated south to the Museum of Modern art in Rio should you be lucky enough to be there while it's up. Ron Mueck is a unique talent worth the trip.



Geren Lockhart

Yoko Ono has an expansive retrospective on view at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art just outside Copenhagen in Denmark. I was unaware that Yoko Ono's artistic career has spanned so many decades and has been such a constant in her life. It's smart art, it's conceptual art. The wishing tree in the courtyard between buildings was a buzz with people thinking. It was a great sight to see. On my way out of the exhibit, I overheard a couple of other Americans who were also viewing the exhibit. They judged it to be "self involved look at me art". I have to disagree. Yoko Ono has been under a microscope for longer than I have been alive and the idea that she challenged the world and engaged in new ways of thinking while supporting and partnering with young artists over the years is admirable to me. She didn't have to put herself out there, she didn't need to, her livelihood didn't depend on it, and she knew she was a open to criticism from day one. She's a great example of waking up every day and living it as though it might be the last. She learned that lesson the hard way a long time ago!  I really enjoyed the exhibit and wish I had been able to spend more time taking it all in. Go YOKO. Leave your mark.