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Geren Lockhart


Joseph Beuys, painter, author, sculptor, teacher, performance artist, political activist, lecturer and most of all ground shattering human was born yesterday in 1921. Widely recognized posthumously as one of the most influential artists of the last half of the 20th century his impact is felt far and wide today. Working between mediums and subjects, I most closely associate him with his felt works which you find in the collections of many major museums around the world. They are awe inspiring in their simplicity. His life was as interesting as his works are, both are worth investigating further. I have two fat art books at home that need some more attention, when I finally land back in LA.  

I first came to know of Beuys during an extended visit to Munich, Germany in 2004 where I was piggybacking onto a very good friends commercial production. Fortunately it meant that I was working LA hours in Germany and had my days open for exploring. I speak no German (everyone sounded like Snoopy to me) resulting in the things I saw having a particularly profound effect on me.  The Pinakothek Der Moderne is a glorious museum which I highly recommend it if you find yourself in Munich. Museum gift shops and their hidden treasures are one of my favorite shopping spots no matter the city or country. The shop at the Pinakothek had two chunky postcards in editions from  Beuys world. I snagged a felt one for 10 euros at the time, wanting the entire stacks of both, but not having the suitcase space. Below there are links to Gagosian's shopping site where you can procure either...for a bit more than they were a decade ago, but for millions less than a felt suit. I framed mine and it hangs proudly in my house reminding me of this great artist each time I pass it




Geren Lockhart

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to visit the Ron Mueck exhibit at the Fondation Cartier when it was in residence last summer. Ron Mueck was a new artist to me, I didn't know of his painstakingly real in everyway except scale world. Ron is an Australian artist working in London and he produces interesting, engaging, sometimes alarming works. The works tend to be either micro or macro in their scale but the details and the realism are always the same. It's stunning when  you get to the end of the exhibit and you realize that you feel the same reaction and sense of realism with a 10 foot sculpture as you do with on 12 inches high. Photos weren't allowed in the space but if you visit the Fondation Cartier site you can see the entire exhibit and get the chance to view some of the video work by Gautier Deblonde which runs in long form as part of the exhibit. Gautier was installed in Ron's studio for the development of this shows works, and its sometimes painful the pace Ron works at, but it is always interesting. Below is a video of David Lynch giving his interpretations of what the show represents, more similar videos to this by other notable personalities on the site. The impact of this exhibit was greatly heightened through the "gallery" space itself, a gorgeous Jean Nouvel building. The building is a frame of glass that's brutal and delicately balanced to create a cocoon of light for the works. A lovely back lounging space is perfect for stealing a quick espresso and a moment of calm in the middle of Paris. The show has migrated south to the Museum of Modern art in Rio should you be lucky enough to be there while it's up. Ron Mueck is a unique talent worth the trip.



Geren Lockhart

Mies Van Der Rohe designed and built the pavilion in Barcelona, Spain for the world's fair in 1929. The structure is still in place and open to the public. You feel the genius of Mies Van Der Rohe as you meander through the building,  and realize that the masterpiece could have been built at any moment between 1929 and now. It is comprised of massive beautiful slabs of stone and marble combined with simple metal, glass and water components. It was serene and harsh at the same time. The clean lines of the pavilion were a welcome respite to the extravagance of Gaudi which dominates the city.  If you find yourself in Barcelona it is well worth the trip to live in this amazing building for a few moments. Click for info: Mies Van Der Rohe foundation



Geren Lockhart

One of my favorite artists and one of my favorite Angelenos is Ed Ruscha. I had the chance to attend a rare talk Ed gave at the Soho House in West Hollywood last year and it was very inspiring. This video brought me right back to the talk, I hope you will also be inspired by this great artists wise words.  



Geren Lockhart

The Louisiana as it is called is one of the great venues for experiencing art in the entire world. The site and the buildings are masterpieces on their own. The center of the site began with additions to an original patrician villa. Every detail of the site seems to successfully explore their core concept. The interaction of architecture with art and nature.   

The museum is a must see site for anyone who visits Copenhagen. There is nowhere like it in the world. Getting to the museum is easy just catch a train from central station in Copenhagen and in about forty minutes you are ready to disembark.  From the moment you get off at the stop you will be faced with art and mother natures natural beauty co-exisiting in a very unique way. A beautiful fifteen minute walk takes you to the museum site. Allow yourself more time than I did when you visit. I only had two hours and could have easily spent a half a day. Planning for lunch or dinner there is a great idea. The cafe has a wide variety of quality offerings and is blessed with one of the worlds great views.  Facing the Oresund with massive Alexander Calder sculptures in the foreground and Sweden in the background you can take in the landscape from the expansive patios or the inside the beautifully designed dining room.  

The buildings and sculpture gardens appear at once peaceful and grand.  The interiors of the galleries, cafe and theater all perfectly integrate with the experience of viewing art and make it easy to appreciate the portion of the permanent collection currently being shown. The galleries showcasing the museums Giacometti pieces which are situated overlooking a serene body of water surrounded by green trees makes you wonder which is the art, the sculpture, the building or the surrounds. 


The museum shop is world class and worth a block of time as well. They have expansive archives of past exhibition catalogs and books as well as top notch design objects and clothes on offer. 

Currently being exhibited are two shows Tara Donovan and Yoko Ono. Both well curated and presented. I would go back to see either tomorrow and would go back any day to see the museum itself.