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Geren Lockhart

The full title of this necessary book is 1968 : Radical Italian Furniture: Photographs by Maurizio Cattelan & Pieropaolo Ferrari. Tonight I attended a talk between alpha collector Dakis Joannou and creative director Dennis Freedman that was moderated by Felix Burrichter, editor of Pin-Up magazine. 1968 grew out of the common obsession that  Dakis & Dennis hold for this period in Italian Furniture. Dakis read aloud a list of the significant events recorded in 1968:  from moon expeditions to Stanford accepting women, and the last voyage of a steam train among many other seminal events from that paramount year he noted that the evolution of society as we know it today and it's ties to that one year are why the book holds the title it does. All three men were beyond charming and engaging and the book is one for the library for sure. Purchase here: 1968



Geren Lockhart

Jennifer Nocon works with a multitude of materials to create her scale defying pieces. The pieces I had the pleasure of seeing att the Art Los Angeles Contemporary show in February were primarily felt. Gorgeous thick alive felt. We were awestruck by the response we had to her work. She works in Los Angeles which also made me proud to think about great art being made in the town I call home. She exhibits with the Tracy WIlliams Gallery. if you see word of her work being up go see it. 



Geren Lockhart

I couldn't be happier that Tara Donovan's exhibit which is currently on show at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark was extended past it's planned close date in May. I got the chance to visit last week and experience Tara's genius in person. The beauty in her work lies in the everyday. She has an ability to see possibility and grand scale in objects we see everyday like buttons, pins, straws and cups. She works magic and a bit of trickery on the eyes by so fully committing to what these objects can be versus what we expect them to be.  

The current show will be heading to the Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Remagen, Germany. Tara Donovan is represented by the Pace Gallery. I can't wait for the next time I get to be in the presence of her work.



Geren Lockhart

The Louisiana as it is called is one of the great venues for experiencing art in the entire world. The site and the buildings are masterpieces on their own. The center of the site began with additions to an original patrician villa. Every detail of the site seems to successfully explore their core concept. The interaction of architecture with art and nature.   

The museum is a must see site for anyone who visits Copenhagen. There is nowhere like it in the world. Getting to the museum is easy just catch a train from central station in Copenhagen and in about forty minutes you are ready to disembark.  From the moment you get off at the stop you will be faced with art and mother natures natural beauty co-exisiting in a very unique way. A beautiful fifteen minute walk takes you to the museum site. Allow yourself more time than I did when you visit. I only had two hours and could have easily spent a half a day. Planning for lunch or dinner there is a great idea. The cafe has a wide variety of quality offerings and is blessed with one of the worlds great views.  Facing the Oresund with massive Alexander Calder sculptures in the foreground and Sweden in the background you can take in the landscape from the expansive patios or the inside the beautifully designed dining room.  

The buildings and sculpture gardens appear at once peaceful and grand.  The interiors of the galleries, cafe and theater all perfectly integrate with the experience of viewing art and make it easy to appreciate the portion of the permanent collection currently being shown. The galleries showcasing the museums Giacometti pieces which are situated overlooking a serene body of water surrounded by green trees makes you wonder which is the art, the sculpture, the building or the surrounds. 


The museum shop is world class and worth a block of time as well. They have expansive archives of past exhibition catalogs and books as well as top notch design objects and clothes on offer. 

Currently being exhibited are two shows Tara Donovan and Yoko Ono. Both well curated and presented. I would go back to see either tomorrow and would go back any day to see the museum itself.