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Geren Lockhart

Coast Modern, a documentary by Mike Bernard & Gavin Froome studies the path of west coast modernism in architecture. Looking back to the roots of the movement and stepping in and out of the global movement to show the similarities and differences to the smaller more localized movement on the west coast of the United States. I live in Los Angeles in a house built in 1954 by one of the lesser known architects from this school, and everything in the film spoke to me and the type of life I've chosen to live in the house I call La Cuesta. It is a truly unique way of living, simple in its own way and tied to the outdoors. It was like a session of therapy for me to hear some of the home owners and architects interviewed speak about the life lived in these spaces. I will be watching this film over and over again throughout the years. If you are a fan of this world, this film is for you. You can watch on-line here: Coast Modern



Geren Lockhart

Mies Van Der Rohe designed and built the pavilion in Barcelona, Spain for the world's fair in 1929. The structure is still in place and open to the public. You feel the genius of Mies Van Der Rohe as you meander through the building,  and realize that the masterpiece could have been built at any moment between 1929 and now. It is comprised of massive beautiful slabs of stone and marble combined with simple metal, glass and water components. It was serene and harsh at the same time. The clean lines of the pavilion were a welcome respite to the extravagance of Gaudi which dominates the city.  If you find yourself in Barcelona it is well worth the trip to live in this amazing building for a few moments. Click for info: Mies Van Der Rohe foundation